About Us

Jeff DiSantis & Linda DiSantis
The DiSantis Law Firm: Who We Are

The DiSantis Law Firm is a specialized firm serving your campaign and non-profit needs. We have two main areas of expertise – campaigns, including organization, finance, compliance and strategic communications; and non-profits, including organization, and strategy.

Are you new to running for office or an experienced campaigner? Either way, we are the firm to help you. We will set up your campaign organization and your compliance infrastructure to ensure that your reporting meets the campaign finance requirements. Once you are set up, we will provide continuing guidance on how to handle contributions, communications and your campaign. We have handled campaigns at all levels – federal races for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; Governors; other statewide races, including Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor; state level legislative seats; and big city Mayors. We also have experience working within the national party infrastructure. If you are new to campaigning, we will guide you through the process. If you are an experienced candidate seeking office again or reaching for a higher office, we have the expertise to advise you and serve your needs as you move up. Our experience in board and deep, and therefore we have likely encountered the issues that may arise in a political campaign.

Are you part of a non-profit that needs to improve its structure? Many non-profit organizations struggle unnecessarily because of poor or mediocre governance practices, not realizing that strong governance is essential to creating a high-functioning organization. We have many years of governance experience working in the non-profit, government and for-profit sectors. Our experience can help you identify your needs, create the tools you need to improve and guide your board and staff through the changes to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Our low overhead allows us to provide our services more efficiently, therefore lowering the cost to you. This lower overhead coupled with our long experience and deep expertise can provide you with cost-effective support.